Social Media Marketing

Social media promotion is one of the best ways to increase the engagement and loyalty of the audience, and to attract new clients to your business.

The promotion service includes the whole spectrum of work with potential clients: creation of communities, content-marketing, placement of advertising and implementation of tools for increasing subscriber activity.
Facebook Advertising
Facebook is a traditional way of working with a global audience, but most importantly with a paying audience. This social network is used by more than one-third of the world's population, and targeted advertising here traditionally shows high subscriber conversion and purchases.

Facebook is an extensive platform in terms of advertising, it is difficult to place crypto projects, wallets and exchanges. Despite this, our specialists have their own working methods as a tool to advance your tasks.

  • Average CPM 1000 impressions ~ 5$
Instagram Advertising
Instagram is an active developing platform in terms of advertising, almost uncovered by the crypto industry. Like many advertising sites, Instagram has its own difficulties for promoting crypto projects and exchanges. Thus, our methods and specialists flexibly work with this tool to promote your needs.

  • Promo display ~ $4.44
  • Video stories ~ $7.50
Telegram Advertising
Telegram is the #1 most downloaded social media application in over 20 countries. Our team offers advancements in this convenient service in the form of purchasing advertising for your crypto project in thematic and mass telegram channels. We can also make dispatch to users connected to blockchain or selected by specific criteria based on your product.

  • Price on request
Youtube Advertising
YouTube is the main source of paid traffic worldwide. Moderation is also quite difficult for blockchain companies or exchanges. Our special methods make it possible to show users relevant banners or video ads based on previous requests on crypto exchanges and cryptography, or on the basis of cookies previously visited sites of this subject.

The "Preroll" format includes a short video (up to 60 seconds), which is broadcast to users before watching the main video. Our team has vast experience in this area and, if necessary, will recommend you the video content that is needed for your project in order to fulfil this task as efficiently as possible.

  • Average CPM for crypto-related keywords ~ $15 *(except USA, price on request)

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